How To Be Comfortable In Front Of A Camera [Podcast Ep. 22]


在这个特殊的功能集,我采访Apryl埃文斯,博客和创始人The Rockstar Mom Sisterhood

Apryl also has experience as a recording artist, model, and radio personality, and will be sharing some of her best strategies for feeling confident on camera.


  • 如何使用摄影和视频更深入地吸引目标受众群体
  • 相机信心建议佛r people who feel self-conscious
  • Tried-and-true tactics for flattering photos
  • 技能,谁想要上镜头自然应该练习
  • Advice for planning shoots in a way that feels authentic and on-brand
  • How to constructively critique your shoots
  • 和更多!


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How To Be Confident On Camera [Video]


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It not only makes for a handy tripod with a timer, but the light illuminates the face in a flattering way. You can adjust the brightness and shade of the light, too.

平静的应用A helpful app for meditation and sleep. Remember, dedicating time to self-care can help you be more natural on camera.


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how to be comfortable in front of a camera

Gaining Confidence On Camera – Episode Transcript

This transcript about being more natural on camera was created with the help of automation software. I’ve tried to go in and add text where the software missed words and information, so some sections may not be 100% word-for-word what was said in the video interview.



Well, first of all, thank you so much for having me!

我的CEORockstar的妈妈姐妹。We’re for moms who think outside the box who want to travel, who think that life is so much more than what we were brought up to believe as far as, you know, just get up, go to work, come home, make dinner, go to bed, kiss the kids — and rinse and repeat.



I love what you said there because I feel like many people wait for whatever it is — the two weeks per year vacation or retirement — where they’re like, “Okay, then I’m going to be able to relax and enjoy.” But really we should be enjoying our lives every day. Because you never know what will happen.

Q: While being on camera is not the easiest thing for most people, it is a strong medium for bloggers as they can connect on a more personal level with their audience. How do you feel as though this has helped you?

As you explore how to be confident in front of a camera, remember that — especially if you’re representing your company or even as a musician or you’re a blogger, it doesn’t matter what kind of entrepreneur you are — you are the face of your brand.



Tony Robbins is another great one. I love Tony Robbins. Any time I start to feel like I’m getting down again, I just like let him lift me right back up.

But he’s associated with that and he has built such a brand that when you think about personal development, you think Tony Robbins.





And it wasn’t until I met with a mentor that actually sat with me and she was like, “Get your hair back to your natural color. Just be yourself. And that’s what’s going to shine through.”





你的观众希望找到的东西在你的生活中他们 - 也许他们害怕,他们将不能够让出。

You’re basically appealing to their emotional side. And if you’re appealing to their emotional side, then that’s what’s going to get them when they think of whatever service it is that you offer.

Q: Building on that, what would be the first step someone who is camera shy should take to get more comfortable on camera?

I’m going to preface this by saying that I grew up as a very shy child. I was very, very quiet. I was kind of the nerd in class. So for me to gain confidence on camera was hard work.

I don’t want anybody to feel like somebody just woke up one day and they were just really great in front of the camera. I’m sure those people exist, but that wasn’t me. And if I can get to this point that anybody can.

So the first thing you really have to think about is your confidence. Create a铭记上午例行that gets you feeling confident and positive. That could be doing meditation, some incantations of positive statements, going for a walk to get the blood flowing — whatever it is that will help you feel positive.

By the way, here is a mindful morning routine that can help you gain some camera confidence:

一旦你这样做你就能够更好地improve your mindset and clear limiting beliefs

Once that happens, what you want to do is to start practicing the first few shoots. They might not all look great, but remember that it’s a learning process. Just get comfortable, learn to laugh at yourself, just have fun with it.





Everybody does that!

如果你要查找“Apryl埃文斯忌讳”在YouTube上,你会看到我做同样的事情。当我工作了老鼠岩新闻 - 广播电台 - 创建这个卷轴是我工作的一部分。那是,我真的学到什么,我喜欢,我怎么看着相机。


And each week I got better and better. I did the video editing myself and as I was going through all the old videos from the whole year, I realized I said the same strange phrases over and over again.

I actually took those clips and put them all in a row, making fun of myself as I made my own blooper reel. Again, it’s like you realize you say these things — but just have fun with it. That’s part of who you are, you know?


Yes, I think being yourself is huge and I think that is what is really going to get the right audience. You know, they’re going to relate to you, you’re going to relate to them and, and that’s where you’re going to have your truest little tribe.

Totally. I can admit I’ve fallen into the “perfect travel Instagrammer” mindset and thought I had to take certain shots in certain clothing. But my goal is to help people travel and be a relatable model to my audience, and I realized I wasn’t doing that when trying to be someone I’m not.

That’s important because you want your audience to see themselves in you.



One of the things that I’ve realized when doing still shots is angles, angles, angles; all kinds of angles!




弹出你的腿 - 永远奏效。这将会给你,曲率,你要寻找的。


With still photos, too, remember there’s always Photoshop and Lightroom.


I had one photographer I worked with on a Mets calendar who shot a lot of Maxim models.



究竟。And that’s it, too. You really want to do something that you feel confident doing.





There are free resources out there, but feeling comfortable in your own skin and knowing that you don’t have to look like these Instagram models in order to attract a following is important.

缺陷和所有 - 其中一个最重要的事情,工作时获得舒适的相机作为#blogger是你最好的资产将是你是谁的信心切记!#TPTBPodcast点击鸣叫



So I just really focused on my goal of getting back to my old self while still celebrating who I was in the present.

我觉得我们都有这些目标 - 无论是对体重或别的东西,就像一个工作目标 - 我们认为,如果只是达到他们,金宝搏官网那么我们会很高兴。但是你要享受旅途,快乐生活导致这一目标了。


Maybe somebody is going to want to join you and maybe you are meant to show up to help that person or those people. And that’s serving others.


I love meditation. At first, it feels very strange. I use the Calm App and I find that it’s absolutely wonderful. I use it to go to sleep and then I do a meditation or two during the day.


So just find the time whenever you can fit it in. But I’ve found that at first it felt really awkward and strange. But after about 30 days, you really start to see the difference in your life and how you handle stress.





My reply:

“Well, what are the chances if I don’t try?”


These wins can be big or small, but you want to remind yourself of who you are and practice gratitude.


If you do this for about 30 days you’re going to get addicted to it, and once you get addicted to it then it’s just going to keep on getting better.


I’d suggest Instagram or Facebook where you can reach out to people. You can find an audience but you don’t have to go so big and all in.




This just goes right back to just showing up.

I’m currently doing a personal development program right now with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi and a lot of the people in there actually are very shy on camera. But there’s a Facebook group and they want everybody to go on camera and introduce themselves.









Now my son is 10 months old and he was nine months old at the time. So finding a baby leather jacket was a challenge. But I had the vision in my mind and this was what I wanted. To me, this was very on-brand because it’s “rockstar mom.” I was just thinking outside the box.

It’s super important to think about wardrobe, hair, and makeup. You can hire a professional, though I don’t recommend going cheap because the look may not come out the way you want it, which means you may not like the photos/videos as a result.

Alternatively, you can DIY the hair and makeup and use YouTube tutorials for help. Just make sure to practice the look first so you know you like it and how to do it. I’d recommend also taking test shots with the look so you know what it looks like on camera.




First off, I love DIYing it! If you are going to DIY it, invest in some fun lighting for your little home studio, like a ring light. Mine has a little stand for my phone and it can actually change different colors and it’s fantastic for doing a DIY shoot.

I guess deciding whether to hire a professional team or go the DIY route is a personal decision.




我最终找到约每拍200 $很大并得到一些伟大的内容!金宝搏官网

Q: So after a shoot, what do you feel are the best ways for someone to critique themselves without feeling guilty or negative?




Like I said, I made a whole blooper reel out of my own silliness that I did on video. So you have to be able to laugh at yourself. Remember, some of the people I love to follow the most on social media are not perfect. As a matter of fact, some of them make their whole career on their imperfections.

Just roll with it. Don’t think you need to look like anybody else.



It is wild! It’s one thing to do simple tweaks like removing pimples and undereye bags, but you don’t want to change the way you look so that your audience doesn’t recognize you in person.

回到那个摄影师我提到ov谁er-edited my photos, I actually edited them back. He made my eyes look huge and sucked in my face, and I imagined people not even knowing it was me — and that this would also lead to people not trusting me.












I went through quite a few years of I guess self-discovery, and that’s why I love to focus on the personal development things.

But what I try to really do is pick up on my oddities from day to day or pick up on the things that I do that are part of my personality. For example, Jack and Coke was my favorite drink at the time. So I was like, “Well, why not bring that into my brand?”


Here is how one #blogger decides what to include in her photo and video shoots to really capture her brand on camera! #TPTBPodcast点击鸣叫

I always think about Beyonce, who says that when she gets on stage she is Sasha Fierce. Back when I was with the radio station, I would interview these rock stars and musicians and I found they were often more subdued in person than on stage.

They were still the same person, but they brought out their most extreme parts on the stage.





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